Welcome to Road Two Happiness!

Welcome to our new site! We are a simple couple who wants to share with the world our experience through the extremes and adventures while exploring places possibly less-known to anyone.

Be sure to follow us everywhere we go as we bring you exciting stories throughout our journey. Click on the link below to know more about us!

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Watch This Space

Watch This Space on 01.08.2020! Something exciting is coming your way soon. Because Happiness is Only Real when Shared. 🙂

How we select our Name?

Here we will casually talk about our website blog name and some of the meaning behind it. As we all know, coming up with creative names may take time and some patience since it would be relevant to what you are initially writing or blogging to your audience out there. It is also a wayContinue reading “How we select our Name?”

We travel not to escape LIFE, but for

LIFE not to escape us.

– Anonymous

Photo designed by Jason PSL in canva.com

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